Forbes Neurology Services Ltd

Consultation and Medicolegal Practice

Dr Raeburn Forbes MD(Hons) FRCP, Consultant Neurologist, Belfast and Hillsborough, Northern Ireland. (GMC Reg 3687413)

Private and Medicolegal Practice

Dr Forbes has 19 years experience as a consultant neurologist and offers private consultation and medicolegal expert opinion.

Please use this contact form for medicolegal requests or post instructions to Hillsborough Private Clinic, 2 Main St Hillsborough BT26 6AE.

New patients should contact Hillsborough Private Clinic on 02892688899. I can only see a limited number of patients each week. I book 6-8 weeks in advance for anyone who contacts Hillsborough Private Clinic directly . Your insurer may be able to access an earlier appointment – please ask your insurer about how to do this.

Please note I am an adult neurologist (aged 16 years and up), and I do not offer disease modifying treatment for multiple sclerosis.

Dr Forbes profile can be accessed here via BUPA.

What to expect?

Dr Forbes has a reputation for being a listening doctor and will be determined to ensure your symptoms are assessed and managed to the best of his ability.

Getting in Touch

Messages can be left at Hillsborough Private Clinic (028 92688899). If you have already attended a consultation then you will be able to contact me by email. For most people, following an initial consultation communication will be email based.

Your personal data

We store data only for the purposes of administering a private neurology practice. Your data is not shared, mined or sold. View our data privacy policy.

How much does private consultation cost ?

A new patient appointment, including all administrative work is £250 (November 2023 prices).

A follow-up appointment, including all administrative work is £150 (November 2023 prices).

Botulinum Toxin Injections are charged at £150 for the procedure plus drug costs (£330 for 200 units, £160 for 100 units, £90 for 50 units or less)

Occipital Nerve Blocks cost £220 including drug costs.

Insurers negotiate their own prices with providers and I will not pursue reimbursement beyond their agreed limits. If you have an excess on your policy your insurer will advise you of this and these will be payable.

How will I receive my bill?

I use the invoicing services of Hythe Hopes Ltd – Tel 01702 382362 – see – you should direct any billing queries to them in the first instance. Hythe Hopes will send you an invoice by post – you should expect to receive a letter about 2-4 weeks after your appointment. Hythe Hopes can accept cheque, debit or credit card and online payments.

What happens if I need tests or scans?

Dr Forbes will request these following your consultation and the scan providers will contact you to book. Once Dr Forbes receives a scan/test report he will email you to invite you to book a follow up appointment to discuss the results.

Does my GP get a report?

Yes, it is expected that your GP will receive a report of your consultation and will receive results of any investigations or follow up appointments.